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COVID-19: Now that we are allowed to open, Salon Geisha is a very safe choice. We keep our clients apart from one another, 20 feet. All appointments are one on one. All areas are clean before you arrive as is the bathroom during your appointment. Masks must be worn. 5 windows are open to provide a constant fresher flow. Drive-up parking is available and of course our 5-star service! Call to schedule an appointment as we do not accept walk-in appointments.

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La Jolla Hair Salon | Salon Geisha

Salon Geisha is a La Jolla, California, hair salon that specializes in the art of hair. "Geisha" represents the art and ceremony of service, beauty, talent, and the mysterious elegance of the Far East. Our La Jolla hair salon specializes in the art of hair, high-fashion haircuts, styling, hair coloring, correcting color, and more. Come visit our La Jolla hair salon for an inviting and warm atmosphere.

Chic, warm, and relaxing, Salon Geisha offers an experience of gentle refinement in beautiful downtown La Jolla. If you would like to schedule a hair appointment with us, please feel free to call us at (858) 456-8644.


Come visit our quaint and relaxing hair salon in La Jolla. Inside, you will find yourself comforted and relaxed by the atmosphere and mood projected throughout the salon. From the humble beginnings of a brickmaker's building in the middle of downtown La Jolla emerged our unique hair salon inspired by Japanese styling. After getting your hair done, you can show it off at the many restaurants and shops in the downtown area, or continue your relaxing day down by the beach taking in a sunset or visiting one of La Jolla's popular beaches.

Salon Geisha

The Best La Jolla Hair Salon Services

Our High-Fashion Haircuts & Styling
With over 30 years of hairstyling experience, our La Jolla hair salon has done it all. We are always on top of the newest high-fashion haircuts. With Salon Geisha stylists' vast experience, we are very proficient in retro styles. Our La Jolla hair salon does it all - old, new, or even the unseen. With such extensive knowledge, we are confident that we will satisfy all of your haircutting and styling needs. We are the La Jolla hair salon for you.

Salon Geisha Can Help You with Hair Coloring or Correcting Color
Our artistic backgrounds in painting, crafts, and fashion help us implement the best coloring techniques and procedures when adjusting the color of your hair. Our professional color experts have the knowledge to change all colorings that you want freshened up. From the subtle to the most extreme color, we can help you establish a new look that is sure to turn heads and have you looking in the mirror in love with your look put together by Salon Geisha.


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